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    September 3rd 2003

 At 10.30am on a sunny day with a cool wind, we met at Slack'n'Slave carpark. It's now getting a bit full as it's also the Warehouse carpark!

Three AW11's, eight SW20's and one Supra in attendance. At 10.50am we were away North to Moeraki Township and lunch at Fleurs at the Moeraki Wharf.

Ten cars went over Mount Cargill and two over the Northern Motorway. Stu Borland left us at Upper Junction to return home via Port Chalmers. He has just got his AW11 on the road after pretty much a total rebuild.

Meeting Ted at Cherry Farm in his 190E Mercedes, we continued to Palmerston for a potty stop. Here we met one SW20 from Timaru and an SW20, an AW11 SC and one AW11 NA from Oamaru.

Arriving at Moeraki Wharf about 12.30pm, we ran into some of the Porche Club (It's the 40th Anniversary of the 911 this year). Here we were joined by the other SW20 from Timaru as well as Ian MacDonald who was transported here by his daughter and her partner in their 4WD  - You can't get a wheelchair into the boot of the SW20.

Twenty-eight people ate lunch at Fleurs. It was very busy and I had told her (Fleur) there would be about 20! We must be more popular than I thought or maybe we don't do chores on Sundays?

Fleurs was a good choice of venue, most thought the food excellent.

After a leisurely lunch, a few visited the local tavern and some went up the hill to the 150 year monument. It is the old whaling lookout. A breathtaking view looking both North and South of the Otago Coastline. I got a real cloudburst just as I rejoined Katiki Beach. Six or 7k's later, the sun was out at Shag Point.

Home again to conclude a lovely spring outing.

Popeye and Olive (AKA Alan and Kay) Otago Area Coordinators