BBQ at Atiu

Atiu Park is kinda new -
A farm until a year or two.
Twisty roads will take you there
Trust your 2 and have no fear
Hold that pedal to the floor
Give it some then give it more
MR2's were made to stick
And get round corners really quick
You can trust your MR2
These things can stick like Supa Glue
Long as you have decent rubber
Best insurance always brother.

Met up and we did the dash
Didn't cost us that much cash
Great it was to get together
Windy roads and windy weather
Nearly there we tagged a 2
Then carried on to Atiu.


Set up barbie grabbed the bangers
Turned the gas on then the clanger's
Knew we had forgotten something,
leaving home we had that feeling
something's missing, dunno what
is it that we had forgot...?

Now we know cos we can't sight her
Left at home the friggin' lighter!
Here we are at Atiu
Bangers, chops and BBQ
No way now to get it going
Sorry folks but thanks for showing
Man how silly do I feel?
Having gone behind the wheel
All this way to Atiu
And cannot light my BBQ.

Next thing rocks up this guy Dennis
In his farm truck, come to see us
Tells us he saw us go past
(Uh-oh were we way too fast..?)
Sweet he says I've five myself
Ayedub's that is, on the shelf
Doing nix down in Tauranga
Lookin' for a newbie owner.
Join the forum says meself
And get them Ayedub's off the shelf
Many thanks for rocking up
And telling us about this stuff.

Then a lightbulb lit up bright
An idea for our sorry plight
Michael, follow Dennis back
And find the flame our barbie lacks.
So off he went to save the day
And sure enough we ate, HOORAY!
As always Rob excelled himself
With goods you won't get off the shelf
Lamb chops, biggest ever seen
And bangers, yummy as a dream
Sauce and mustard, bread and wine
Made us all a meal so fine.


And on the way home back home from there
We had a few "alas" affairs
Involving things that came undone
Like gearshifts, alts and suchlike fun.
Fear not friends you're in good hands
Here in MR2 Club land
Stop we will and help you fix
Whatever makes your 2 get sick.

On we pressed and off at speed
Out for fun we were indeed
To Big Smoke from BBQ
With good friends at Atiu.

- Charlie Western, a.k.a. "mickeyduck"


A snap from the scouting mission before-hand...