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Hamilton Shop Recommendation

Post by imback15 »

I'm looking for some place that ideally has Mr2 experience. 2 related issues, neither are mechanical problems.

- T-Top seals leak.
- Rust in the seal rails/gutters needs to be cleaned up (appears to be superficial)

It's been garaged for over 2 years now, (I pull it out and run it occasionally but rego is on hold) after failing warrant for the tiny rust spot you could see ...which was BS to begin with. The guy literally said "It's not a safety issue now, but...." ....which by definition meant it can't fail a safety check for something that isn't a saftey issue.... But he clearly wanted to fail me for anything, seemed to have a chip on his shoulder... like my horn button was stuck from sitting for months...I tapped on it to un-stick it... and he was like "well, the rust is still a (not)problem"

...I digress....still bitter about it. lol

I pulled the seal off the passenger side to get started on cleaning up the rust and I found more hidden. Just some light blistering of the paint, nothing deep, but can't put new seals on top of that like it's not there....now I have a 1 year old...and just neither the time or the patients to do it myself. Anyway, any recommendations, if any, would be much appreciated.

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Re: Hamilton Shop Recommendation

Post by Benckj »

This is not a difficult job that won't take much work to get sorted. A bit of prep to clean up, some rust converter and rattle can paint. Weather seal can be re-installed and silicone trick used to ensure its watertight. I can appreciate the strain in looking after a baby along with all the other work commitments. Maybe one of our club members can give you you a hand and help out.?

Snap a couple pics to share might provoke some help. Dare I say, you may need to hit FB to gather interest as not many people on the forum these days. There are a few dire-hards like myself but the numbers a dwindling.
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