Newsletter - Issue 1

December 1994

Hi everyone!! : )

Welcome to the first Newsletter of the MR2 Owners Club. This club was started earlier this year when I couldn't find a club to join after buying my MR2. Several events have been held and more are planned for earlier in the new year. This newsletter will give a brief spiel on the events held so far, events planned and other information about servicing and modifications. Hope you like it!! : )

-- Club Founder: Adrienne Mora

Events Held

Waitomo Drive

Include pics!!

We met at the usual meeting site - Cook Street by Steele Park - and three cars were involved in this drive (Bruce (red MR2), Gaynar (white MR2) and myself (white MR2 SC)). We drove the back way to Otorohanga (past the Mormon temple) which turned out to be riddled with police cars. It was a nice drive and we stopped briefly in Otorohanga. We then drove to the Waitomo Caves (via the main road) and had a good look around. We found a nice little car park in which Bruce felt the urge to do a wee handbrake slide. We took some possie photos (see me for the Club photo album). The drive back to Hamilton via the main road was nice apart from a little splattering of rain.

Raglan Drive

Again, the same above three cars drove to Raglan for a look around. We weren't well received by the surfie community but we didn't care! : ) We stopped at Vinnie's for a little to eat and had a great time.

Gordonton Drive

On this last minute drive there was quite a mixture of cars: Nick (white MR2), Steve (blue CRX), Terrance (black 323 GT turbo) and myself (white MR2 SC). We had a really good fast and fun ride out to Gordonton and then stopped for a while and a chat. The trip back was just as good and we then stopped at my place for a Bar-B-Q. All round this was a great day of sitting in the sun talking about cars, topped off with a fun drive and a barbie.

Porsche "Drive for Kids" Day

A few members saw this advertised the night before the event and decided to go up ... it was WELL worth the trip and highly recommended. I plan for this to be an annual event for the MR2 club. Three of the four who travelled up to Pukekohe for the event paid out their money for the pleasure of screaming their way around three laps of the race track in the passenger seat of a Porsche. There were different classes of Porsches for different prices and all the proceeds went to the child cancer foundation. The classes and prices:

It was a great day and enjoyed by all! : )

Car Park Day (Te Rapa Air Force)

(article by Stephen White)

People involved: Allen and co-driver Brendon (white MR2), Bruce (red MR2), Gaynar (white MR2), Steve (blue CRX), Terrance (black 323 GT Turbo) and myself (white MR2 SC).

The carpark was an excellent environment to test the handling of the cars, the only problem was the psychological barrier of a rather large flatdeck articulated truck, irremovably parked at one end of the carpark. Timetrials from one end of the carpark to the other between the CR-X and the Supercharged MR2 turned out to be hilarious, but then again, what do you expect when you match a 1600 Supercharged rear wheel drive against a front wheel drive 1500 .... the result was kind of predictable. It didn't matter though because I had fun. The tight and twisty course was challenging and not too many drivers managed to negotiate the course without hitting at least one cone. Several cones developed serious leaks over the course of the day and were pronounced DOA. The light gravel layer over the entire carpark provided some interesting moments and proved to make it a challenging course for all the cars involved. It also made for some sideways motoring around some of the tighter curves. Most drivers felt their way around the course before "giving it death". A challenging course, a beautiful sunny day, a lot of rubber to burn ...... it was a LOT of fun. One of the highlights of the day was Bruce's "doughnut". Several dollars worth of rubber were left by this impressive smokie. All in all it was a fun day.

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