Newsletter - Issue 3

April 1996

Hi everyone!! : )

Well, this third newsletter has been almost as long in the waiting as the second newsletter. I've finally been motivated by the number of calls I've received recently about the club .... there are some other MR2 owners out there after all!!

There's a number of owners, new owners and nearly owners, so I think it'd be great for us all to get together and meet. I'm not sure what sort of events you'd like to see occur, but I have a few ideas, and any suggestions are MOST welcome!!

Here's some "free" events:

Not-so-free event:

Any other ideas from you guys on what you'd like to get out of the club would be great. After all, this club is for you guys (and girls!!) ... geee, with such a soppy line, how can you resist?

-- Adrienne Mora

What's Happened Since The Last Newsletter:

Hamilton Motor Car Show

Well, its official! Hamilton has finally made it into the big time. People will be talking about Hamilton in the same breath as places like New York, Paris and Tokyo (probably along the lines of "Unlike Hamilton, the New York, Paris and Tokyo Motor Shows ..."). Its true!!! Hamilton has joined these exotic locations by virtue of the fact that it has had a motor show. Sure, there were no releases of prototype vehicles on flashy factory display stands. In fact there weren't many factory display stands at all ..... except maybe the Jaguar, Fraser and Almac stands. There weren't hoards of glamorous, scantily clad women draped over exotic cars (Hamilton's far too cold for that sort of thing ...... besides, they scratch the paintwork). Never-the-less, it was a motor show, and a darn good one for a first attempt.

Hamilton Motor Show ran from 22 to 24 March and included a wide variety of displays and stands. There was quite a bit of support from the car-related industry and the numbers of accessories was impressive. There were some excellent displays from local car clubs and the cars ranged in size from micro cars to muscle cars. The most interesting parts of the show for me were the Fraser stand (all right, I'm biased because I'm about to build one, OK?), the GTD40 (what an awesome car, even if it is a replica!!), the SSM stand (I didn't realise such professional looking race seats were being made so cheaply in Te Awamutu), the Technical Book stand (I love reading about exotic cars), and some of the service-type stands (like the High Performance Coatings stand, or the Kolor Strip people who strip paint/rust/whatever by blasting with ground up apricot kernels). Frankton Model Shop had an awesome display of models, though not a single MR2 to be seen amongst the Corvettes and Ferraris.

I'm looking forward to next year's Hamilton Motor Show, and I think its a perfect opportunity for us, as a club, to raise the profile of an awesome little sports car and to educate the masses as to the advantages and the attractions of the MR2! We love the cars, lets preach a little to the great unwashed! Who knows, we might even convert a few non-believers.

Race Car (link to race car articles from the pages)

Well, I've finally done it. I've always wanted to find a cheap MR2 to build into a race car, and I've finally found one. For those interested I'll keep you up to date on what happens. For now it's a stripped out shell that needs a lot of work. I'm not sure how fast it will progress, due to the fact that we're going to be building a Fraser very soon (Lotus 7 replica). But it will sure be fun!!

People Wanting to Buy MR2s

Since advertising in "The Loot" I have received many phone calls from people wanting to buy MR2s. For the next event I plan to include these people so they can have a closer look at the cars and ask owners about them. Several dealers are also keen to bring cars along to events in the hope of finding some buyers.

Flag Marshalling

Ever wanted to see heaps of quality motor racing up close and personal? Ever wanted to be able to wander around the pits chatting with drivers and mechanics. Did you realise that you can do this for free?

Flag marshalling is a volunteer job which allows you to see a lot of motor racing for very little effort. Flagging can be a lot of fun, is rarely boring and sometimes a little more exciting than you'd really want it to be. Where else could you get away with wearing bright orange overalls and frantically waving blue and yellow flags at speeding cars. It can be a very colourful experience.

Adrienne and I have been doing a fair amount of flagging at Pukekohe Race Circuit since late last year. We've seen Trans Ams, trucks, Porches thundering around the track as well as single seaters, pre 65 classics, sports cars, clubmans, SS2000's, Tranzam Lights, Minis, HQs, RX7s ... you name it ... even a racing Ferrari. Pukekohe is only a little over an hours drive from Hamilton and new marshals are always welcome. There's nothing especially tricky about it, anyone can do it.

Interested? Give us a call (or email) and come up one day and see what it's all about.

The Internet

Want to upgrade that car? Got a little annoying problem to fix? It's all there and much more. Want more boost on that turbo? It's easy .. a boost controller and Fuel Cut Defencer is all you need .... and there's tons of info on the net and people ready to help out, people who are pushing their MR2s to the limits. Suspension upgrades? Yes that car CAN handle better, and for not too much money. I have contacts in the US and am currently importing parts for myself and others. See the next section on Automotive Performance for more details.

For those with net access, email me for information.

For now ... here are some stories off the net and a few examples of technical advice given.


At 09:32 PM 9/30/95 -0400, [email protected] wrote:
Okay, here's a quiz for y'all. A stock 1980 RX-7 won't start, after a short trip. Not only does it not start, The engine turns over quickly, with a high pitched whining noise, and won't even fire. Not once. What's wrong?

That's easy, chipmunk talk is very high frequency. What sounds like whining to you is in reality, "It's hot in here, We want more beer!"

Ken (I been there) Yeo


Subject: Driving in the Left lane
Something I picked up from the BMW-Digest. Apparently they are having a heated argument on whether or not it is OK to use flash to pass. I am not saying I agree with all of these, but most are pretty funny.

The top ten reasons why flashing someone to get them out of the left lane is not a good idea in the U.S.:
10. They'll most likely ignore you.
9. You may get sued for mental anguish.
8. They're not even looking in the rear-view mirror.
7. If they drove any faster or slower, their noisy valve lifters wouldn't keep time with the Merle Haggard tape they're playing on their 8-track.
6. They'll get lost if they don't see the median divider three feet from their left fender.
5. Startling them like that may cause them to lose control since it's taking 100% of their abilities to keep the car headed in a straight line at 50 mph.
4. You're driving too fast and it's their obligation as a citizen to force you back under the speed limit.
3. They paid their taxes and by God, they'll drive on whatever side of the road they want.
2. They're only moving to the right lane to get a better shot at you with their pistol as you pass by.
1. It's just their way of saying "Buy American!"

The only real solution: patience. Remember, you're in a BMW. Even at 50mph, you're having a better time than they are.


From the mr2-digest

Posting from a previous person:
>YES!!!!!! I finally got a MR2!

>This is my first post on the digest, so forgive me if I've done something wrong!

The only thing I see wrong is that you didn't say yes enough.
would have been much better.

Jack Wheeler
86 Red NA


From the mr2-digest
Subject: Back from the Brink of selling my MR2

To all, a review from the precipice,
Well, I went to the brink of selling my '85 MKI, but I've returned. As they say, you don't know what you've got till it's gone, and I've been contemplating that quite a bit lately while wrestling with mixed feelings about selling the little monster. I know posting this is like preaching to the converted but I guess I've gone through one of those born again things. It's not mint, it's not pristine, it needs some work, . . but with 110K on the clock, my mechanic is still raving about how well it runs. Being of fairly limited means, I might not get another one, and what else is out there? These are genuine mid-engined sports cars. The alternatives? Fieros, they look good . . . but don't handle. Fiat X/19? I like 'em . . . but they're biodegradable and slow. All that's left are Panteras, Lambos, Ferraris. . . . maybe in another life -- if I'm real good. Then of course there's the nemesis (or is that emesis? - medical talk) of CS autocrossing -- the Miata. I don't care if they're faster, no way are they as hip (musician talk) as an 85 MKI. Plus the Miata is so Retro. I'm convinced that the MKI MR2 is going to get classic car status in the near future. It's included in a British book called 50 years of Classic Cars, and Classic and Thoroughbred Car magazine from the UK predicts it is among the most likely of '80s cars to become a classic. It is Japanese, very Japanese. Despite the Lotus inputs, it is not a copy of anything - it's an original. The styling is very angular, inside and out. Every thing is functional. No superfluous lines. No frills. It is just what it is supposed to be, a driving machine. Perfectly balanced. . .

Why would I want to sell this? I must be crazy. Anyway I think I have just sold it .. . to myself.

Please pardon this little rant. Hallelujah! I been saved!

Dean "now where did I put my medication?" Granros

Other Performance Products

I've been approached by some sales reps about other performance parts such as Tokico (performance shocks, springs and bushes) and Jamex (performance springs, steering wheels, seats, gear knobs, pedals etc). Phone for prices. Minimal shipping involved in these parts as they are sourced in NZ.

News From Other Clubs

I've joined the Australian MR2 Owners club and one of the US clubs. I have some of their newsletters for those interested. I've also sent away for the UK Owners Club.

If you'd like to see the newsletters ... just ask!!

Next Event

Well, it's that time again.  We're gonna have a get together ..... and this time I'd like to see a HUGE turnout!! J  I'll be distributing membership forms too so that I can get a current listing for mailing and to try to keep track of the growing numbers.

Date:		Sunday 9th June
Time:		11am
Place:		Meeting at 50 Naylor Street, Hamilton
Event:		Orientation Rally!
		All welcome and all cars welcome
		Bar-B-Q to follow
		Phone me if you want to come along so I will know numbers! J 
		Phone 07 856-3336, leave a message on the answering machine if you like  J

That's all from me ......  hope you liked the newsletter!! J  If not, send me something to put in it! J    And don't forget to send in any classified ads!

Editors:  Adrienne Mora and Steve White ..... Phone 07 856-3336

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