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Changing spotlight bulb on an SW20


You will need:

  • #2 phillips (cross-point) screwdriver with a shaft at least 6" long. It will help if the tip is magnetic.
  • 12 Volt 55Watt halogen bulb.
  • 10-15 minutes of free time.


So you've got one dead spotlight. Time to head on down to the local autoparts store and pick up a new halogen bulb (listed above) This will have two spade connectors. Make sure you don't touch the glass surface of the bulb with your bare fingers as this can leave greasy fingerprints that can damage the bulb when it gets hot.

The spotlight is held in place with two screws at the top of the spotlight. These screws are recessed way back, and you need to use a screwdriver with a long shaft to be able to reach the screws and still clear the front of the bumper. Be careful not to damage the head of the screws when trying to loosen them as they will be a royal pain to try and get out otherwise.

Once these screws are undone, a firm tug on the lamp will pull it out from its bracket. You can then either disconnect the lamp from it plugs or just work on it where it is. remove the black protective cover from the rear of the lamp assembly by turning it anti-clockwise. The bulb is held in place by a spring clip. Release this and you should be able to remove the bulb and disconnect it.

Replace the bulb and place the spring clip back in position. Reconnect the bulb, and replace the cover. Now comes the hardest part, refitting the lap back in place. The two screws fit snugly in the holes on the lamp, but when pushing the lamp back into it socket the have a tendency to fall out and sit in the recess on top of the lamp. After a little cursing (and taking the lamp in and out of it's socket several times to retrieve the dropped screws) you should be able to simply place the lamp in it socket, push it gently back in and tighten the two retaining screws.

Yay!! Two working spotlights again.