SC12 rebuild or possible replacements?

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SC12 rebuild or possible replacements?

Post by ricerocket »

I'm about to undergo a transmission swap on my AW11, and while its out, replace all the seals on the 4agze, and see if I can get the SC12 rebuilt.

The problem is there seems to be a lot of mixed info on whether or not the unit is rebuildable, with comments about the bearings potentially being teflon coated?
I've contacted NST, and no such rebuild kits exist for them, and looking on twosrus there's a gasket kit, but that's about it.

I'm wanting to know if anyone has gone about rebuilding their SC12's, or if they ended up opting to replace it with something else (seen a few people go for either the SC14, or an Eaton M62)

are there any threads outlining any of these processes? who has done a swap? what would you recommend? Are there workshops in the Auckland region that you would recommend taking it to if it's too big a task?

For context, mine occasionally screeches. I have replaced the fluid, but the noise still persists, albeit very rarely. Figure while all this other work is being carried out, might as well try address it!
In terms of power, i don't really care, its intention is to remain a fun little road car, so power isn't important, but in saying that, if opting for a different unit is the solution and power will be upped because of it, I certainly won't be complaining!

Thanks everyone!

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Re: SC12 rebuild or possible replacements?

Post by Andypandy141 »

Im currently doing the same transmission swap and bit of engine rebuild to my SC. I haven't owned my car for long but when I checked the fluid level in the SC it was super low, so all the oil leaked out meaning the seals are leaking somewhere, probably the internal ones after research. I found some oil throughout intercooler piping so it all points to those internal seals. So I too wanted to get my SC12 serviced and rang a lot of places around Auckland to see who could service it. Nobody could or wanted to do it except for Toyota, but I doubt they knew what they were getting into when comes to removing those bearings your talking about and they didn't sound too confident in doing it. I also read someone got theirs done and it satrted using more oil. So I have the gasket kit from TwosRus and am just gonna replace the seals that I can myself easily, leave the internal ones and just keep topping up the oil as it gets low and hope for the best haha.

If you find out any more info about servicing the SC12 though please feel free to share because if I havent done mine by then it will be very useful.

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