SW20 VIN Codes vs Model Codes

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SW20 VIN Codes vs Model Codes

Post by GDII »

While most of us know that model code for the MKII MR2 is SW20 other may not know the VIN code (not the same as the model code) there are 4 types.

The model code is SW20 for Japan and SW20L or SW20R depending on if they are LHD or RHD for the rest of the world.
The VIN code is a bit more specific for the exact car it applies to. In Japan the don't have the traditional JT type VIN code rather it starts with 0634101. This is due to the fact they don't need to say where the car comes from as it is a local manufacturer.
J meaning Japan and T meaning Toyota.

One thing I found interesting is the SW** part of these codes depending on what market the car was built for.
In a nut shell this applies to the following.

JT163 SW20 was for the UK/Europe/Australia/NZ G/G-Limited/GTi-16 market with the 3SGE
JT2 SW21 was for the USA/Canada market with the 5SFE
JT163 SW22 was for the USA/Canada market with the 3SGTE
JT163 SW23 was the UK/Europe 3SFE

I knew about the 3SFE version of the SW20 but I didn't know it had a specific designation as SW23 in the VIN code. I was aware of the SW21 and SW22 for the USA market cars but wasn't quite sure what each number meant.
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