A guide to clearing blocked drains (sloshing after rain)

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A guide to clearing blocked drains (sloshing after rain)

Post by Mcdeviant »

I found this and realised I’d never done this. Hope it helps someone:

https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums ... ed-drains/

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Re: A guide to clearing blocked drains (sloshing after rain)

Post by fancypants »

When the rain is falling or snow is melting, a driver typically doesn't have to worry about water getting into their vehicle. As long as the windows are closed, the cabin should remain dry even during a downpour.


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Re: A guide to clearing blocked drains (sloshing after rain)

Post by ClanFever »

For T-Top MR2s, this is how to prevent the leaks viewtopic.php?f=13&t=15482

The drains being blocked won't help either, but these normally are easy to clear in the SW20
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Re: A guide to clearing blocked drains (sloshing after rain)

Post by fritzsara5225 »

It is simpler to identify a sloshing sound that happens because of a terrible warmer center. A portion of the signs incorporate the water sloshing sound when you start the vehicle. Different indications are a sweet smell in the lodge, hazy windows, high coolant go through, and lower coolant level. These are signs that you need the specialist to take care of your warmer center. At the point when your vehicle is left, the coolant may spill, and once you fire it up, you may hear a sloshing sound as the coolant moves around.

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Re: A guide to clearing blocked drains (sloshing after rain)

Post by mickeyduck »

Yep that's why we have this forum - to capture useful how-to and tech info to help keep our MR2s on the road.
Certainly one of the more amusing contributions I've come across. :lol:
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