Penny:- Welcome to the Family.

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Penny:- Welcome to the Family.

Post by Speedhog »

So as this are progressing with Dopey (SO863) and Flick the Hillclimb beast, events come up that require a certain vehicle to have, for our group it is the Event we know as Foreman's Corner. This is a 3 day triathlon that incorporates a Motorkhana, Hillclimb and an Autocross over Auckland Anniversary weekend every year.

As the two aforementioned gravel hacks are sitting in different state of rebuilds, we where almost forced to settle for either not racing on this wicked weekend, or racing an automatic BMW 540i (E39) (I'd rather just watch to be honest.)
3 Weeks before the Foreman's Corner, all the TradeMe watchlists in the shed all fluttered with another caged AW, in Paeroa. Hadn't been used in 10 years. with baited breathe the timer was running down and a losing battle was happening. Close of Auction, we had lost. destined for the south island. :(
Thursday night it was relisted due to the buyer pulling out after he was unable to get it picked up for an affordable price.
A couple of phonecalls later, a buy now being listed and it was brought.
A dash from Auckland to Paeroa on Friday to get her, was meet with holiday traffic and just general Auckland motorway madness, she finally rolled into our driveway just after 1630.

She needed a few things to be updated, being:
Current harnesses,
Current Fire Extinguisher.

Well Flick is isn't being used, so i grabbed them out and as the steering column was out already threw that into the pile of to be fitted parts.
well less than 24 hours later she was racing. after 10 years of no use, she was on the rev limit pretty quickly.
Saturday afternoon after the motorkhana, we had a good crack at putting Flick's steering column in as that already has a 1.5:1 steering quickner fitted.
then fitted the rally tyres, and had a blast for two runs. As she was being dual driven in anger, she cried enough for the hillclimb, after I set a new PB up the hill by two seconds.. this car has some pace! We had managed to overheat the clutch and she was starting to slip in 3rd. Parked her up for the day and then went and had some drinks.
Started the Autocross with the intention of setting a time as to not to forfeit the triathlon results. Managed a decent time while taking my niece-in-law for her first ride in a car. Knowing that is sometimes a burden.. I went for a second, and shaved 7 seconds off, while Jeff overtook my 7 seconds in the same car and posted the challenge to 'beat that' Before I could, Jeff ran the last run before me and blew the tyre off the bead and drove on it for a lap. I decided to park the car for the day and pack up, as once it blows for us, it will do it again due to the course cutting up.

So from buying the car to completing it's first triathlon was 4 days.

Any way less about the weekend more about Penny.

1984 AW11
20v Silvertop conversion with Blacktop Cams
LSD, unsure of type. but works well.
Brake Bias adjuster
88-89 skirts.
Stiff shocks and springs.
Homologated Rollcage
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Enough of that.

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Re: Penny:- Welcome to the Family.

Post by mickeyduck »

So, Flick gets the flick for a Penny eh...? :shock:

Sounds like a good score mate! :mrgreen:

I'll have that wing if you ever decide to part with it... :wink:
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