Longest Day Take 2

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Longest Day Take 2

Post by optional »

The Longest Day - Take 2
There has been some interest in the Lower North Island to repeat the "Longest Day" Tour.
For those who were not involved or just can't remember, the idea was to traverse the North Island from East to West, following the sun (sort of).
As we did it last time the tour started in Hicks Bay just after dawn and finished in New Plymouth the following night, staying overnight in Taumaranui.
Since, last time round, all participants were from the lower North Island we actually met up in Gisborne and traveled to Hicks Bay together, around the south coast of East Cape. The route was through Whakatane, Rotorua, Whakamaru, then around western side of Lake Taupo to Taumaranui. The second day took us through The Forgotten Highway and Whangamomona, and Stratford to New Plymouth.
Now, since Covid and recent weather events, there may be issues with both accomodation and road closures. Therefore it may not be possible to exactly duplicate the previous run. However I will investigate and make a more detailed plan, if there is sufficient interest. We would also need to consider what time of the year to do this. School Holidays are probably not ideal, especially Christmas School Holidays. It is probably not ideal to attempt this in the Late Autumn to late Spring, due to to possible weather issues. I would suggest that February March or Possibly November is best.
If you are interested please let me know by P.M., or on this thread, or text me on 027 432 1871.
Keith Heginbotham
Manawatu A.C.

Answers to Questions you may be asking:
1. Petrol should not be a problem unless your car is exceptionally thirsty (or you right foot is stupidly heavy). All varieties are available in Gisborne,
Whakatane, Rotorua, possibly Whakamaru, Taumaranui and Stratford.
2. Motels used last time are still open, as far as I can tell: Hicks Bay and Kelly's in Taumaranui.
3 I am planning on February rather than November, earlier in Feb rather than later to avoid any clash with the AGM. If anyone has a particular
preference regarding dates let me know, I will try to work around it.

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Re: Longest Day Take 2

Post by pbaron »

I would be keen on doing this one again, cheers.
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Re: Longest Day Take 2

Post by Benckj »

Sounds like an awesome road trip. I'd actually be keen if I can swing the time off work. A bit of a hop for me though, as I live in Alexandra so may need to rename to Longest Week.
Jim Benck
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Re: Longest Day Take 2

Post by chewbaby »

Hello from Craig in Rotorua, i could be a contender ! Several years ago i did a run with the MR2 Club thru the Forgotten Hwy to NP and was great fun. I would join up in Rotorua if you came thru here. I am a member of a local Citz Club here and can speak with management regarding accommodation. The Club has nice rooms above the Club in the CBD and prices are very reasonable. The Club has a Courtesy Van and a Restaurant with good food at good value or maybe just a Big Burger and Chips for about $10. There are 5 Pool Tables and 3 Snooker and drinks are cheaper than in Pubs. Have a think about and get back to me please. We could book ahead. There is a car park but not huge ! Maybe 20 spots. Some could park i believe quite safely on the street as Club has cameras and being in the City there is always traffic using both streets as Club is on a busy corner. cheers Craig ZL1ER (CHEWBABY)
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Re: Longest Day Take 2

Post by gahirst »

I might actually be able to join in this time. You'll be ending up in my home town so why not. Better get gutless running nicely.
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Re: Longest Day Take 2

Post by MIKEP »

Can you get gas all tghe way round Test
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Re: Longest Day Take 2

Post by Swampy »

I'm keen
I'm easy re dates. Just prefer cheap accommodation.
100% won't be in an mr2. Might have to get my A into G and get the WRX ready. And give you all some awd subaru goodness.
It'll be good to see some familiar faces again and meet some new mr2 aficionados.
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