Events - Club Policy

Events may be posted or run by any financial club member but are subject to moderation by an Area Coordinator or Committee. Events include those run by the Club and those run by others which are of interest to Club Members (e.g. track days). Non-members are welcome to attend events but if you do enjoy them, think about joining the club to help support it and keep things going.

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Events may be posted and run by any financial club member but are subject to moderation by an Area Coordinator or Committee. Non-members are welcome to attend events but if you do enjoy them, think about joining the club to help support it and keep things going.
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Events - Club Policy

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Following a decision made at the latest AGM held on 25th March 2017 we are opening the posting and running of events back up to the Membership.

This will include the merger of the MR2OCNZ Events section, the MR2 Motorsports section and the Non-MR2OCNZ Events sections of the forum if that's possible. Regardless, paid-up Club Members will be free to start a topic pertaining to any of those categories.

It is hoped this will promote a greater range of activities and more opportunity for Club Members to get together and enjoy the Club spirit.

The Area Coordinator will no longer be expected to organise an event each month, but will instead become responsible for mentoring or moderating as the case may be, as well as actively promoting the events organised by their area members. AC's will be expected to keep an eye on events posted for their area and take responsibility for making sure things are safe and sensible.

If they approve of an event posted by a member for their area they should give it the "OK" by posting on the thread and saying as much. They will then be expected to send a Private Message (PM) to the area's Events Group and also to the Events Groups of neighbouring areas if it makes sense. AC's should not send a PM to groups other than their own or their neighbours and never to a group that is not an Events Group.

Members posting Events must be sure to advise of a meeting place and time so others can decide and plan for it. Similarly the format of the Event should be clearly presented so others know what they are likely to be in for.

Area Coordinators will have moderation privileges in the Events section of the forum and will be expected to help ensure the Members' events are conducted safely and sensibly.

Within the Events section AC's will be able to:
* Edit posts. They will be expected to give a brief written reason when they do so (there is a wee text box that appears for this purpose).
* Soft-delete posts as well as un-delete those types of deletions. If deleting a post they should also PM the poster explaining why.
* Lock a topic if necessary e.g. an event is cancelled for safety reasons. They must explain in writing why this has been done by posting on the thread just before they lock it.

AC's should always look to be respectful and courteous when dealing with the actions of club members and mentoring, moderating or even cancelling an event started by a club member.

If either an AC or a club member organising an event has issue with the actions of the other they are free to contact the President or the forum Administrator for help resolving the issue. If necessary the matter may be taken to the Executive or the full Committee but regardless the decision given will be final and binding.

The Member organising and leading the event will be ultimately responsible for the outcome of that event and will be held accountable if things go awry. This may include removal of privileges or even expulsion from the Club or its forum. There are already Rules of Conduct stickied in the Events section and members wishing to run an event should familiarise themselves and their attendees with those rules. They are intended to help ensure safe and sensible behaviour whenever MR2's are gathered together for Club activities.

If a Club Member runs a number of successful events they may in time gain a large number of friends and perhaps - if they wish - even become their area's AC. 8)

It should be noted that the rules outlined here are merely in line with the rules of the Club as they already stand with respect to the running of the Club, it's forum and its events, and the conduct expected of its members. They are simply being extended to accommodate the idea of our Club Members running events under the Club's banner. It's an idea we all wish to see succeed, one we hope broadens the scope of things our membership can get involved in to share and grow that great Club spirit.

Go for it guys. Here's to good times for you and your MR2...! :mrgreen:
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