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Events may be posted or run by any financial club member but are subject to moderation by an Area Coordinator or Committee. Events include those run by the Club and those run by others which are of interest to Club Members (e.g. track days). Non-members are welcome to attend events but if you do enjoy them, think about joining the club to help support it and keep things going.

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Events may be posted and run by any financial club member but are subject to moderation by an Area Coordinator or Committee. Non-members are welcome to attend events but if you do enjoy them, think about joining the club to help support it and keep things going.
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Code of Conduct

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MR2 Owners Club of New Zealand Code of Conduct

The following rules apply to all MR2 Club events:

Please adhere to all New Zealand laws pertaining to road use.

The first thing that means is have a current W.O.F. and have the car in a warrantable state (good tyres etc).

Please pay strict attention to the following:
  • * Obey the "Three Second Rule" leaving 3 seconds gap to the car ahead.
    * Never pass another car on a corner unless in a passing lane.
    * Never cross yellow lines to pass.
    * When negotiating a blind corner slow down as there may be a cyclist, horse, stopped vehicle etc.
    * When pulling out in a convoy do not attempt to pass other cars unless waved by, and always wait for a suitable gap in traffic (eyes peeled!)
    * Avoid wheel spins on public roads (especially on gravel) and on grass areas.
    * At the start of a run all cars should have full fuel tanks. If you choose to start a run with less than a full tank and run out of gas, you will be left behind while the convoy carries on. This is only fair to the others. Why should their day be ruined while we all stop for an hour to ensure you get the gas that you should have had in the first place? :wink:
    * If you like going at pace, start near the front of the convoy.
    * If you are into cruising at a leisurely pace, please settle in further toward the rear of the convoy. We will stop at key points to ensure no-one gets lost so please don't fret about keeping up. We conduct our runs so you can safely go at your own pace.
    * If you get to an intersection and cannot see the car behind you, stop and wait until they can see which way you are going. If we all do this no-one will ever get lost.
    * If you find you are cruising with a large gap to the car in front but the car behind you is looking as if they want to go a bit quicker, please wave them past you when next setting off from a muster point.
    * We always have a "tail-end Charlie" to ensure no-one is left behind, able to call the leader to a halt if you break down etc.
    * If you decide to leave the run please advise the AC in charge so they don't think you've had an accident and fallen off the road.
    * The run leader (either the AC or their designated club member) is responsible for setting a pace that ensures the safety and enjoyment of those attending a club run. This means slowing for blind corners, taking it easy in the wet in case a run attendee has rubbish tyres etc. If the run leader is going too slow for you don't endanger others by tailgating or passing them. Go do your own thing separate of the club.
    * Above all else remember - it's not a race. Be mindful of the safety of other road users.
When in convoy a large number of MR2s draws the attention of the public.
Bad behaviour from any one individual can ruin the Club's reputation and draw unwanted attention from the authorities for all of us.
  • *Those attending a run are encouraged to report any dangerous driving to their AC at the earliest possible opportunity.
    *If any dangerous driving occurs, the AC or club member leading the run is to stop the convoy and ensure it is made clear to the driver in question that such behaviour is unacceptable.
    *Any dangerous driving or crashes are to be reported to Committee by the AC directly after the event. Any other run attendee may do the same if they feel it is necessary.
    *Committee may discuss the matter with the driver in question and take such action as is deemed necessary to ensure the safety of run attendees and members of the public.
    *The aim is to ensure the safety of all run attendees and other road users.
No-one has yet died or been seriously injured on an MR2 Club run in New Zealand and the MR2OCNZ wants to keep it that way.

Failure to observe this code of conduct can result in a verbal or written warning, banning from Club events or expulsion from the Club and its forum.

If you want to race - take it to the track.

If you wish to attend a run but your MR2 is currently off the road, feel free to rock up in whatever rolls - or if you're feeling extra brave, hitch a ride in another MR2. Keeping in touch with each other is just as important to the life of the Club. Just remember that non-MR2's may be asked to stay near the back of the convoy. Motorcycles may need to stay right at the back as we don't want to run anyone over if they fall off on a corner.

An MR2OCNZ event may be led by either an Area Coordinator or a Club Member. The person leading the event may be held accountable for the outcome of the event including the safety and conduct of those attending. Ask your Area Coordinator for help or guidance - that's what they're there for. When it comes to events they are both mentor and moderator.

WARNING...!!! Running an event can be a rewarding experience and may become habit-forming. Side effects include good friends and fun times.

Stay safe and have fun in that MR2...!

Cheers. :D
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