The Club

The objectives of the Club as laid down in its charter are:

  • To promote, organise and conduct in the Club and with other clubs, local and national events such as rallies, tours, trials, competitions, exhibitions, and social functions for the benefit and enjoyment of members. (do fun stuff)
  • To assist members in the maintenance, restoration and enhancement of their vehicles. (help each other)
  • To maintain the Club website and regularly distribute a newsletter concerning the activities and interests of the Club. (build a community of folk who are keen on MR2s)
  • To obtain and maintain historical, statistical and other records and documents pertaining to the Club and members’ vehicles.

If you wish to better understand the charter and what it means for the club, feel free to read up on the legal ins and outs of things.  Here's a couple of useful links: Rules pertaining to an incorporated society, as laid out in The Incorporated Societies Act.

So what can the club do for you...?

Got an MR2 and want some fun? Check out the Events section of the forum!

Need help with your MR2? We have a great community of folk on the forum, and on Facebook, all too keen to offer advice or assistance!

Want to be kept in the loop? Join the forumjoin the club, join the Facebook groups, and get into some good times.

Executive Committee 2021

President - Olaf Flesch ("ClanFever" on the forum
Vice-President - Simon Summerfield (simonaszakra)
Secretary - Julz Whitcombe (PhotonBeams)
Treasurer - Gary Esler (Gaz007)


Other Positions / Roles:

Membership - Keith Crawley (crawls)
Webmaster - Michael Kemp (mknz)
Communications Officer - Simon Summerfield (simonaszakra)
Apparel Officer - Joel Fletcher (joel)

Area Coordinators:

Auckland - TBD - north-west runs
Auckland - Paul Smith (Mr-Paulio) - south-east runs
Auckland -
Mike Playle (MikeP) - social (shows, motorsport, and park-ups)
- Thomas Wanden (tw2)
Bay Of Plenty
 - TBD
Hawkes Bay - Keith Crawley (Crawls)
Taranaki - Nathan Bain (NABS)
Manawatu - Keith Heginbotham (optional)
Wairarapa - Gary Esler (Gaz007)
Wellington - Olaf Flesch (ClanFever)
Christchurch - Jeremy Schoeller (Jezzame)
Otago - TBD


Persons awarded Life Membership:

Adrienne Mora (founder)
Steve White (co-founder)
Val MacDonald
Debbie & Noel Morris
Richard Henderson
Pam & Ray Harris
Colin Cross
Gail Julius
Alan & Jimsie Smith
Keith Heginbotham
David White
Ken & Barbara Brown
John Moore
Colin Dilworth
Sandra & Roger Cain
Charlie & Michelle Western
Joel Fletcher
Julz Whitcombe


Postal Address:

MR2 Owners Club of New Zealand Inc.
c / - Rangitikei College
20 Bredins Line
Marton 4787
New Zealand

Adrienne (Ade) Mora, club founder, interviewed in August 1999 -

"This club was first started in 1994.

I bought my MR2 and tried to find an enthusiasts club but had no luck. I found a few other owners who were keen to be part of a club, so we decided to start one.